Why Do I Do This?

I have been asked why I do this…

To the one friend that knows about it, I lied. You know her and you’re a fan of her as she is my outdoor photographer.

I have revealed it before in private messages, but figure it should be posted for you to read:

In my teenage years, I realized that I really liked panties. They’re fun and they make me feel sexy. I can be in gym clothes with delicate lacey things underneath or all dressed up for a work event yet have on basic panties with a funny saying. I know, but nobody else does.

I like to have my boyfriends pick out my panties, but I’m single right now so this is another way to get that thrill. It’s kind of like having somebody to share my panty secret with and that makes me a little giddy. By themselves, panties are cute and make me feel good, but when they’re chosen for me, it makes me randomly wet through-out the day when I think about it.

I also have a huge collection of panties as I’ve been keeping them for many years. Part of this is because I don’t really feel like letting them go until they’re falling apart. Here I feel like they’re going to a good home so it’s easier for me to let them go.

One evening, one of my ex’s saw that I sniff my panties at the end of the day, he laughed and said I’m like a panty-guy. Then he told me about an ex-roommate of his that had purchased worn panties before. I did some research and kept it in the back of my mind.

A few months ago I bought a vacuum sealer for dehydrated food… This got me thinking about my research again.

I decided to pick a few panties and do a photoshoot. I really enjoyed that. Next, I tried going through some of my lingerie drawers and did photoshoots with various items in the privacy of my bedroom. The stockings were the biggest surprise… They made me excited and I wanted to keep playing in them. Then I wanted some nice photos to build my own page so I asked a friend to act as photographer, she agreed. I loved putting together the outfits and asked her about doing the shoot outside, for lighting. This turned into me being nearly-naked, peeking out behind plants and asking her to take so many photos that she got annoyed.

And that’s how I ended up with this page.