About Me

I work in the sciences and my role is basically that of a professional presenter. When I’m in my professional wear (mostly dresses) with cute shoes (heels for clients, flats for days in the office), I like my secret… be that something very sexy and lacey for me or something that I’m wearing for the pleasure of another… It gives me a thrill and nobody around the office has any clue.
I have a massive selection of panties as I’ve been the same size/style for over 10 years. In college, they were the few things that I could afford to make me feel sexy without breaking the bank so I have many well-worn options.
This has made me somewhat attached to my panties and thinking of them going to a good home helps me let go of them.
I have been smelling my own scent every time I take them off for a few years now and jumped in when I found out that others would also enjoy a sniff. Past boyfriends have described my taste/scent as “sweet” and “amazing.”
I do masturbate with a bullet and on my stomach, so I end up frequently using panties to hold my toy in place while I grind on it. I would highly recommend masturbation panties as I am a well-hydrated individual that produces a nice puddle of cum ( I consume over 100 oz/day of water and monitor my intake).
Height: 5’8″
Bra size: 34D
Panty size: Medium
Dress size: 8
Items for sell:
You may contact me via email at NataliasNegligee@gmail.com to place a custom order or tell me what else you would like to see from me.