November Panty Options


I only use free & clear detergent and air-dry my lingerie so there is no extra odor. I do soak all stains in OxiClean, but they remain after so many years.
All of my items are Categorized as follows:
Like New – This item shows no wear and tear.
Worn – This item has no stains, light gusset wear, light elastic wear, or light lace wear.
Well Worn – This item has exterior fabric wear (peeling), some staining, worn elastic, or light lace damage.
Very Worn – This item has discolored exterior (from washing), stains, holes in mesh/lace, or missing rhinestones, etc. from many years of wear.
*Mom – This item previously belonged to my mother and she gave it to me after a few wears and realizing she didn’t like it. Very rare.

Contact me via email at to place a custom order or tell me what else you would like to see from me.

A new set of panties are posted at the beginning of each month.

Panty Add-ons:
18 hours of wear: Listed Price

24 hours of wear: +$8

No shower: +$10 (results are similar to an extra day of wear)
Urine control: +$10 (Control over my water consumption and wiping)
Masturbation panties: +$15
Period panties: +$10 (and patience for timing)
Ovulation panties: +$10 (and patience for timing)
5 extra photos: +$5
Fan tag (on paper): +$1
Fan tag (on my skin): +$6
Lipstick smudge on panties: free
Lipstick color for Thank You card/smudge: free
Piercing (belly button and hip) jewelry in photos: free
Wet Dream Package: +$50 (includes No Shower, Masturbation, Audio of orgasm with your name, Video of Panty removal and Thank You card writing, and 5 extra photos with fan tag on skin for all imagery)
Looking for a certain style and color? Let me know and I will see what I have. If you would like a certain pair from a website, I will order them and make them special for you.
I don’t wipe, I dab to make sure I only remove urine, not my juices. I also like to push the gusset against the inside of my labia and rub my clit.
All panties come with wax paper over the gusset for preservation. I do vacuum seal my panties. Please let me know if you prefer a Ziploc bag.
My cycle is below to help you pick dates for wear and see how long certain wishes will take to fulfill:
Ovulating – green dots and pink flower
Period – Grey bars

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